Blogpost nr 5: How far do you go for that last mile?

Hello ,

Today I will tell you about the last mile delivery process in logistics. I hope I am able to give you a clear overview of what last mile logistics is and what the latest trends are in this process.

The last but not least process in the chain is the delivery service. This is a crucial part in the whole logistics process.

But what is last mile delivery exactly?

Last mile delivery can be defined as the movement from a transportation hub to the final destination of delivery. Which in most cases is the personal residence. The goal of the last mile logistics is to deliver the goods as fast as possible to the end user.

In the last few years last mile logistics has become more popular, by keeping up with competitors the interest in this new type of logistics has grown enormously. Nowadays customers order more online than ever, this contributes to the grow of this type of logistics. Online ordering will have an increase of 28,8% in 2018 compared to 2013. Not going with this trend could mean a loss in market share and an decrease of customer loyalty.

Last mile delivery also comes with some trends

1. The customer wants it all; customers want same day deliveries and preferably also a live tracker for their parcel.

2. Robotisation in the supply chain; this future trend looks into unmanned deliveries and pick-up stations, deliveries by robots or drones and new delivery offices on central places.

3. Low emission zones ; this means that parcel companies will have to invest in more sustainable vehicles.

4. City distribution centers ; micro hubs in the city center, these will be white label and developed in ppp’s.

5. Safety ; decrease incidents by improving the vehicle. This means improving the design for f.i. better sight.

Thank you for reading.

Till next time !



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